10 best Amplifiers

The Amplifier is the most important device in your Hi-Fi System. So it’s crucial to choose the best one that could fit your needs.

In order to have a faithful reproduction of the dynamics of a song, however, it is necessary to have an adequate power of the amplifier to be placed alongside your speakers. Even listening to a song at a “home” volume, which requires only a few watts in its “quieter” parts, a transient (ie a peak of instant signal, as can be a snare shot) is sufficient to pass the power required to the amplifier to reproduce it, from a few watts to many tens of watts.

Let’s clarify the concept with an automotive metaphor: two cars are on a flat road, the first has an engine capable of delivering 50 Hp, the second 100 Hp, both driving the road at 50 Km / h.

After a few turns the road goes uphill, the driver of the less powerful car will have to downshift to face it, the one of the most powerful car will only have to crush more on the accelerator.

And here I tell you a secret: your amplifier has no gears! So it will go into saturation first and then cut the peaks to the detriment of the song’s dynamics, this happens simply because the amplifier does not cover the required watts.

This also applies to loudspeakers with high sensitivity. In the past, it was often read that for modules like the T-Amps, small 15-20w cheap amps, they were connected to 90dB sensitivity boxes (and thousands of euros in cost) to make them sound. Leaving aside the fact that this pairing is senseless, it is clear that those 15-20w are “exhausted” soon when the tough “climbs” arrive.

What is the right amplifier power for my speakers? It depends, above all on two factors: your average listening volume and the sensitivity of your speakers. But it can certainly be said that 100w can be on average adequate to all needs.

Let’s have a look to the 10 best models on Amazon from the cheapest to the most expensive. Each one is an absolute deal not to be missed.

The 10 Best Amplifiers on Amazon

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  1. Yamaha R-S202BL
  2. AudioSource AMP100VS
  3. Sony STRDH190
  4. Denon PMA-600NE
  5. NAD C 316BEE
  6. Yamaha A-S301BL
  7. Cambridge Audio CXA60
  8. Marantz PM7005
  9. Marantz MM7025
  10. Marantz HD-AMP1

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