10 best Coffee Machines

Being able to make coffee at home is incredible comfort. However, searching among the thousands of models offered by the market is arduous. We have selected for you 10 coffee machines that have the best value for money and we have ordered them from the cheapest to the most expensive. Keep in mind that in order to choose the right coffee machine, you need to consider several factors: the cost of coffee first, the ease of cleaning the machine, the possibility of accessories that could complete the machine and offer other services such as cappuccino, espresso or hot milk.

The first thing one wonders when choosing a coffee machine is: what is the difference between the machines that work with pods, with capsules, with coffee beans and with the powdered one? Which is the best? It is important to understand what the existing models on the market differ to identify the type that best suits your tastes, your needs and even your wallet. In fact, for example, a model with coffee beans that are ground instantly will certainly cost more than one with ground coffee or pods. Why? Which one should you choose and why? To clarify your ideas, we have divided the coffee machines into four groups, based on the type of coffee you use. You can find the different characteristics that distinguish them and, in the following sections, you will also understand the reasons why the price varies from one typology to another.

Powder coffee machine
Its operation is the “classic” one of the coffee machine: inserting the powder in the arm, pressing it and hooking it to the machine, exactly as we see at the bar. Very often this model also includes the filter to use ESE pods (which we will examine in more detail soon), otherwise this piece can be purchased separately. A little practice is needed to use this coffee machine which is the one that smears more than the other types. It allows, however, to do what we might call a “custom-made coffee”: in fact, you can choose how much powder to use, how much to press it and what type of mixture to insert.

Coffee pod machine
This typology foresees the operation with the arm as the powder coffee machines. The difference is that they are equipped with a specific filter for ESE pods (an acronym for Easy Serving Espresso), ie single pre-packaged doses of 7 grams of ground coffee, pressed and hermetically sealed between two thin layers of filter paper. Some of these machines have the supplied filter for powdered coffee or can be purchased separately, while others can be used exclusively with pods.

Coffee machine with capsules
Capsule coffee machines are the ideal choice for those who want to make coffee quickly and easily. It is sufficient to insert the pre-packaged capsule containing the single-dose coffee powder in the machine and activate the dispensing button to obtain an excellent espresso. The capsules are “a more modern variant of the pods”: like the pods, in fact, they are single-dose coffee powders which, however, are enclosed in a small rigid container of aluminum or plastic. Among the advantages of this type of machine there is certainly practicality: the coffee is already dosed and kept fresh, since the capsule is always well sealed. Moreover the preparation does not take time and does not dirty. However, it should be noted that the capsules have a higher cost than coffee powder and pods.

Coffee bean machine (automatic)
This type of coffee machine provides an internal mill that allows, in a practical and fast way, to grind the coffee beans and obtain an excellent espresso. Automatic or super-automatic coffee machines fall into a high price range, but it must be borne in mind that coffee beans are definitely the most economical type on the market. Furthermore, grinding instantly ensures a unique and always fresh aroma.

Now let’s see in detail what we have chosen for you.

The 10 Best Coffee Machines on Amazon

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  1. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup
  2. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker
  3. Cuisinart DCC-3200
  4. Mueller Ultima
  5. Mr. Coffee
  6. DeLonghi EC702
  7. Braun KF9070SI
  8. EspressoWorks 7
  10. Breville the Barista Express

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