10 best Drones

10 best Drones

The drone is perhaps the most sophisticated toy that adults love to buy. It’s fun to fly it, take high-resolution pictures from above, maneuver it across the vast sky and land it safely. Some use drones for work: to shoot video from above, or take photographs of important geographical areas or buildings. The market is now truly saturated with these flying objects, with this list we aim to give you an orientation to enter the fabulous world of drones without having to bleed your bank account.

Purchase Tips

The purchase of an economic drone can represent a first and very valid approach with this new and interesting world and a first contact with the difficulties of piloting.

Most of the drones are in the price range between 100 euros and 500 euros. In the lower price range we typically find toy drones, while more expensive drones provide quality cameras and much more advanced driving options.

Many drones can be easily repaired even after important “crashes”: the spare parts market is flourishing and the purchase of new parts is not usually prohibitive.

All drones have limited flight autonomy (very difficult to exceed 25-27 minutes of flight). Unfortunately, the batteries do not offer long operating times.

Before starting the flight it is therefore advisable to check the complete recharge of the batteries and possibly buy additional batteries, which we always recommend.

Consider that the time required to recharge the batteries is usually much longer than the time it takes to use them. (here the rule just quoted above applies: buy yourself extra batteries)

Always check the distance between you and the drone in order not to get out of the coverage offered by the radio signal. (do you remember our “murdered” hen true ?!)

To practice with the controls and flight procedures it is also advisable to use a simulator.

Always prefer a drone with a real remote control and NOT controlled exclusively from smartphone / tablet !!

Let’s see what are the 10 best models we have chosen for you.

The 10 Best Drones on Amazon

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  1. Q9 Drones
  2. ScharkSpark Drone SS40
  4. Holy Stone HS720
  5. JJRC H68 RC Drone
  6. Holy Stone HS120D
  7. Potensic D58
  8. SIMREX X11
  9. DJI Spark
  10. DJI Phantom 3

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