10 best Electric Toothbrushes

Before you buy an electric toothbrush, you have to make some decisions. Because there is no longer just a kind of electric toothbrush. In addition to different brush head shapes, you also have to choose between rotating, “sound” or “ultrasound”. We give you some clues.

The first decision you have to make is between rotary oscillating plastering or cleaning with sound or ultrasound:
In the rotary-oscillating brushes, so-called round-headed brushes, the round brush head turns quickly alternately left and right – driven by an electric motor. The plaque is reliably removed. However, you have to press the brush on the tooth. As a result, the enamel is damaged and the wear of the brush head is comparatively high.

In sonic toothbrushes, the brush head does not rotate, but vibrates – driven by sound waves with more than 30,000 vibrations per minute. Thereby less pressure has to be exerted and the tooth enamel is spared. In addition, the cleaning effect is slightly better and the interdental spaces are better achieved. The brush head is similar to that of the conventional manual toothbrush.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes look like normal sonic toothbrushes, but they work with a multiple of vibrations and a higher sound frequency. As a result, the toothbrush has an antibacterial effect: the brush does not clean at the macro level, but at the micro level. Ultrasonic toothbrushes cause blisters in special toothpaste to burst. In terms of handling, ultrasonic toothbrushes need a bit of getting used to, as they are placed on the teeth for ten seconds each, cleaning each tooth individually.

In many cases, sonic toothbrushes may be slightly more expensive than conventional round-head brushes. But the cleaning effect due to the fast vibrations is also greater.

In today’s electric toothbrushes you will often find technical extras such as pressure regulation and various cleaning programs that are quite practical: most recent electric toothbrushes have several cleaning programs in which the number of oscillations or rotations per minute are varied. So you can clean your teeth with a quick vibration and massage the gums with slower speed. Also have a timer, many electric brushes. By means of a brief exposure of the toothbrush, the optimum brushing time is signaled four times (once for each quadrant) during brushing. Some toothbrushes have a digital display . The display shows you whether you may be pressing too hard and how long you still need to clean.

In summary, one can not say exactly which toothbrush is the best. Every toothbrush has its advantages and disadvantages. However, it depends mainly on the type of cleaning.

From the cleaning performance, the sonic or ultrasonic toothbrush is recommended. However, these models are more expensive than the conventional round-headed brush.

If you like to brush your teeth, you should still use the sound variant, because you will have to be less meticulous than with the rotating brush.
Technical extras nowadays have almost every good electric toothbrush. Whether you need things like a digital ad, you have to decide for yourself.
Pay attention to the follow-up costs: More expensive than the purchase of the brush with time are the brush heads that you should change regularly. Since the heads of the sonic toothbrushes wear out less quickly, additional costs for the purchase can be saved here again.

Below you can find ten models of electric toothbrushes available on the market and carefully selected for you. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your… mouth.

The 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes on Amazon

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  1. Oral-B Black Pro 1000
  2. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100
  3. AquaSonic Black Series
  4. Oral-B Pro 1500
  5. Fairywill Sonic Whitening
  6. Oral-B Pro 5000
  7. Oral-B 7000
  8. Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500
  9. Oral-B GENIUS X
  10. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9500

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