10 best External Hard Drives

Choosing an external hard drive is crucial nowadays. In fact, more and more problems related to the available space arise: a huge amount of data invests and disorients us and we need a large place to store them. There are many varieties of external hard drives to connect to our computers or to our home servers or game consoles.

The choice of external hard drive is linked to several factors. Its capacity can be little or very important depending on your needs: if for example you need to save a large amount of music and video files, or to record TV programs with PVR mode, you will need a large storage space. Even the speed of writing and reading data can be important and will lead you to evaluate the choice between external hard drive, SSHD or portable SSD. However, a high speed can be useless if it is not supported by an equally high speed of data transfer between the external hard disk and your computer or notebook, a subject that leads us to consider the different interfaces and connections currently available. So what are the factors to consider when choosing a hard drive? And what are the fastest interfaces?

If you need to carry an external memory unit with you often, you should opt for a smaller solution like 2.5 “hard drives. These HDs are powered by connecting them to the computer via the USB cable, without needing an additional power supply, they are light and ready to use.

If you need more memory at a generally lower price and prefer to have the best performance, you can choose a 3.5 “hard drive: the larger size also brings a higher rotational speed (if generally 2, 5 “arrive at 5400 rpm, 3.5” disks also reach 7200 rpm depending on the model, or a greater speed of data access) and a separate power supply to be connected to the mains.

The capacity of the hard disk is the factor that most affects the final price of the product: the more memory you have available, the more data (documents, movies, music, etc.) you can save. Today in general the most popular products are equipped with a capacity that ranges between 250 GB (Gigabyte) and over 8 TB (Terabytes; 1 TB equals 1000 GB). Before making the purchase, always consider that the nominal capacity declared by the hard disk manufacturers never corresponds to the actual capacity that you will be able to use, which will in fact be slightly lower: this is because if the manufacturers use the decimal system to calculate the capacity, the operating systems use a binary system. Therefore, on average, the actual capacity will be about 7-8% lower than the nominal one.

Below we have chosen for you a list of ten external hard drives for all your needs with the best value for money, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

The 10 Best External Hard Drives on Amazon

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  1. Seagate Portable 1TB
  2. WD 2TB Elements
  3. WD 2TB My Passport
  4. Toshiba Canvio Advance 4TB
  5. Seagate Backup Plus 5TB
  6. G-Technology 4TB G-DRIVE
  7. Western Digital WD_Black 5TB
  8. Silicon Power 5TB
  9. LaCie Rugged Mini 5TB
  10. Samsung T5 Portable SSD

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