10 best Golf Shoes

Throughout a game of golf about 8 kilometers are traveled for five hours or so, hence the importance of choosing good shoes to play golf. In addition to providing comfort throughout the game, we must also take into account that there are shoes to play golf that improve the swing, which allow the foot to be fixed in the grass, etc., so we must analyze our own game to Choose the perfect model. We review the characteristics of a good shoe, as well as the conditions they must have to improve your game effectively.

Shoes to play golf: how they influence the game according to their performance

Basically there are three types of shoes prepared to play golf: classic, sport and sandal, however there are many varieties of each type, so the choice between these three categories is rather aesthetic.

The soles are the ones that begin to be decisive for the incidence of the shoe in the game. Traditional soles have metal or ceramic studs, so they allow a better grip, however they damage the condition of the grass, so many brands no longer sell them. Another option is soft rubber or rubber studs, they do not damage the floor and allow a certain grip despite the movement of the body. Finally there is always the option of playing without heels, this type of sole is manufactured with special materials to achieve a certain grip.

It is essential to determine the quality of the leather. This material achieves total waterproofing and are more comfortable than synthetic ones.

The golf shoe should fit your foot normally, as we said a standard route is around 8 kilometers.

A maintenance tip: clean the shoes after each match, and if you use lasts you will keep their shape for much longer.

The main movement in which we test the convenience of shoes to play golf is swing. When you are trying on game shoes, do not forget to perform this movement to test the way in which the shoe adapts to your movement.

There are cheap golf shoes made of synthetic leather, it is not that its use is completely discouraged, on the contrary, it can be a good solution to save some money in sports equipment, however with this type of material you should be more demanding because they are more rigid than natural leather shoes.

Taking into account what has been said so far here you have a list of 10 pairs of top Golf Shoes selected from Amazon Store, let’s have a look.

The 10 Best Golf Shoes on Amazon

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  1. Adidas Tech Response
  2. Mojo GoGolf
  3. PUMA Ignite Nxt
  4. New Balance Minimus SL
  5. ECCO Biom Hybrid 2
  6. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3
  7. Callaway La Jolla
  8. Under Armour HOVR
  9. FootJoy D.n.a. Helix
  10. Adidas TOUR 360

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