10 best Hair Dryers

It sounds stupid, but you will not have the same degree of requirement if you are looking for a device to dry your hair and / or that of your children, if you are a follower of the blow-dry star. In the second case, you will need more power, sharp accessories and a device as light as possible and easy to handle.

These are the two criteria that should not be overlooked so as not to regret his choice. Most hair dryers have a power that varies between 1200 and 2400 watts. Models over 2000 watts are closer to what pro’s in the living rooms. They choose models with engines called “AC”, most often made in Italy and much more reliable, powerful and solid than the models designed in China whose engine is called “DC”.

Ideally, it has a dimmer that allows you to adjust both heat and airflow (the most sophisticated hair dryers have up to 3 levels each). This can be important for those who want to make real blow-drys. It will also appeal to those who only have a few minutes to dry their hair and therefore need a “turbo” version.

Better yet, if your hair dryer can have a cold air function, it will allow you, in final gesture, to better “fix” the movement given to your hair for your hair and limit the formation of electric hair.

Admittedly, they have an impact on the price of hair dryers, but they offer non-negligible qualities for those who use their device very frequently. They concern especially those who dream of an impeccable brushing and will bet on a model, if not said “professional”, which approaches it very much. For example, there are devices offering ionic technology (which diffuses negative ions in the form of minute drops of water) or a tourmaline coating. The latter effectively eliminate the static electricity generated by positive ions and boost the brightness of the lengths. In addition, drying is faster. In short, they are all good.

There are also hairdryers with ceramics. Thanks to this material, the heat is diffused in a homogeneous way, which makes it possible to optimize the drying. Last option, infrared technology, which limits the overheating of the device to take care of the hair and leave them soft and shiny after drying. Finally, look at the little details not so accessories, such as the length and maneuverability of the cable of the device, the ergonomics of its handle, the removable grid and easy to clean …

Do you have the perfect blow-dry? Make your life easier by choosing a hair dryer model that has, if not several tips, the one that best fits the nature and length of your hair. A wide model is ideal for pre-drying long hair and then smoothing it precisely by placing it just above the round brush. A narrower tip will give more precision to work all the contour of the face, but also the short cuts.

Do you have wavy, curly hair curls and expect to keep them as they are most of the time? A broadcaster will be essential. As its name suggests, it distributes the heat of the unit evenly to “wrap” the lengths and help to fix their natural movement.

Here you are 10 best Hair Dryers available on Amazon, choose wisely to fit your needs.

The 10 Best Hair Dryers on Amazon

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  1. Revlon 1875W
  2. Remington D3190
  4. LARMHOI 2000W
  5. 1875w Professional Tourmaline
  6. Professional Ionic Salon
  7. Wazor Professional Ionic
  8. Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline
  9. Elchim 3900 Healthy
  10. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

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