10 best Home Security Cameras

What does a surveillance camera have to do? What should you look for when buying? First, you should think about how the video surveillance camera for the house should be networked. Finally, you can buy home security cameras that need to be connected wireless or via cable. Then you should ask yourself if you really only want to view videos and pictures or record and save. In the latter case you should look at the surveillance cameras with SD card, long-term recorders or other recording systems.

Should the home security camera work statically or be actively controlled. For example, PTZ cameras have a so-called “pan-tilt-zoom” function, they can turn, tilt and zoom in on pictures. Last but not least, the field of application should also play a role when choosing your camera set. When mounted outdoors, the camera must be temperature and weather resistant.

Not only parking garages, supermarkets or administration buildings are equipped with video surveillance, if you want to feel extra secure in your own home, you can browse our list and choose a surveillance camera for your home. Not only do they serve as protection against burglars, but they can also be useful in caring for people in need of care and children, as well as in monitoring domestic and wild animals. Which security camera you choose depends mainly on the purpose for which you want to use it.

The most common types of home security cameras are:

Outdoor cameras: An outdoor camera has to work reliably at different temperatures and weather phenomena. In addition to dome-shaped dome cameras, they often take the form of highly visible and deterrent boxing cameras.

Dome cameras: Dome cameras have a half-round housing and are usually found in public areas in multi-storey car parks, supermarkets or museums. Due to their peculiar shape and the tinted glass, it is impossible to tell which area is being monitored by the camera.

IP Cameras: A network camera passes the camera signal over either a network cable or a wireless Wi-Fi network. The advantage over other camera models is that they do not need to be connected to a computer, but the images can be retrieved via different devices.

Special cameras: In addition to the classic surveillance cameras, EXPERT Security also offers special cameras for a wide range of applications. From mini cameras to game cameras, thermal cameras and camouflaged cameras to GSM cameras, everything is included.

Night Vision Cameras: If you want to monitor your property or other things at night, you will need a night vision camera. In this case, either the area to be monitored is illuminated with residual light amplifier or the events are recorded via thermal image or infrared.

So let’s have a look at the 10 best home security camera models that we have reviewed for you.

The 10 Best Home Security Cameras on Amazon

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  1. Wyze Camera 1080p
  2. SportMonster HD
  3. Heimvision HM203
  4. Conico Wireless Outdoor
  5. Ring Indoor Cam
  6. Kasa Spot Indoor Camera
  7. ZOSI Home Security Camera System
  8. XVIM 1080P Home Security Camera System
  9. Hiseeu Expandable 8CH
  10. Arlo Pro 2

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