10 best Lego Sets

Who has never played with colored LEGO bricks? Everyone at least once had the opportunity to play with the most famous buildings in the world. With LEGO you can build almost anything since for every thing you want to build there is a different type of brick. If on the one hand this vast choice can be good, on the other hand, instead of being able to choose the best LEGO construction sets can become an endless enigma, that’s why we created this guide, hoping that it can help you by knowing the their characteristics and with some advice to find the most suitable set of bricks.

By being able to choose the best LEGO construction sets you will have several advantages, as they offer a series of benefits for the children who use them, let’s see what they are:

  • Increased motor skills of children who will be moved to look for the various bricks, they will also sharpen their sight
  • A child who manages to complete a LEGO set can increase his self-esteem, giving him a way of being more confident even for other activities
  • With LEGO in some cases you have to follow instructions in order to be able to build the purchased set, this will allow the child to learn to follow patterns to be able to make something more easily
  • Choosing the best LEGO construction sets will enable children to solve problems due to the construction they want to accomplish easily, and they will sharpen their imagination and ingenuity.
  • Children who use LEGOs in groups, communicate more with each other, are more accomplices and work as a team, communicate and seek solutions or come together to create new buildings

We have therefore seen what are the main advantages of being able to choose the best LEGO construction sets, now we see instead which are the most used and popular types that can be found of the famous bricks and which features they have:

Classic LEGO theme: it is composed of a series of generic colored bricks, suitable to create a bit of everything, they are the most suitable for children who are approaching this new game for the first time
LEGO Duplo: they are larger bricks in size, more suitable for younger children
LEGO Star Wars: suitable for children who intend to play with the characters and means of the famous saga
LEGO City: suitable for children who want to build and play in a city environment built with colored bricks
LEGO Architecture: they are bricks to use more than anything else for the construction of buildings, cities, etc.
LEGO Friends: they are based on characters and focus on friendship as the main theme
LEGO Technics: they are models of advanced constructions that have more moving parts
LEGO Creator: this set of buildings allows you to create objects, animals, motorcycles, cars, etc.
LEGO Disney Princess: in this set the child will be able to play with the characters and settings of the Disney princess
LEGO Boost: is a set of constructions that is used to create and program robots that can move for example via tablet or smartphone
LEGO Ideas: are sets that are created and supported by the community, are aimed at true LEGO enthusiasts older than 13 years

In order to choose the best LEGO construction sets, you must also understand the interest the child has in being given away. With all the different LEGO themes that can be found, it is worth asking which type might like better than another, for example if the child really likes the Star Wars saga you can think of buying him a set that has this as a theme , otherwise if the child is still very small, a Duplo set may be more suitable, more recommended for children of preschool age.

To choose the best LEGO construction sets you will also need to ask yourself if you prefer a set where the child can give free rein to their imagination or if he has to follow instructions to carry out the construction. Some people prefer that the child follow a series of instructions to make the set, while others prefer the child to free his imagination, obviously you will have to give importance first of all to what the child wants, it will be him who will have to play and if you will not be satisfied with the game could leave it after only a few minutes of activity.

LEGOs are however also appreciated by many adults, not only by children, in fact there are so many collectors of the many LEGO sets, this is because for many it is a real passion, there are those who have a passion for puzzles and others for bricks and LEGO constructions. Many of the themes can then be combined together to create new buildings, stories, so as to give free rein to the imagination and imagination.

Are you looking for the best LEGO brick sets but don’t know where to start your search? As a starting point, we suggest you take a look at our bestseller list where all the 10 most popular and sold sets of LEGO bricks are present. For each of them you will be able to access the features and reviews, in order to get a clear idea about that product that caught your attention.

The 10 Best Lego Sets on Amazon

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  1. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle
  2. LEGO Creator 3in1 Pirate Roller Coaster
  3. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V
  4. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express
  5. LEGO Creator Expert Winter Holiday Train
  6. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall
  7. LEGO City Police Station
  8. LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon
  9. LEGO Star Wars Death Star
  10. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

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